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Bachir Attar in five dates

1964 Born to Hadj Abdessalam Attar, known as Jnuin, leader of the Master Musicians of Jajouka. Five of Hadj’s six sons would become Master Musicians.

1982 Following a power struggle (he was not the oldest son), assumes leadership of the Master Musicians.

1989-1996 Marriage to Cherie Nutting, a confidant of Paul Bowles. During this period splits his time between Jajouka and New York City, absorbing the influences. Nutting manages the group to this day.

1990 After Attar’s MMJ records with the Rolling Stones and Bill Laswell, the breakaway faction of the Master Musicians returns, solidifying the group.

2009 The Hand of Fatima, a film by Augusta Palmer, is released, documenting the friendship between Attar and her father, the great music critic Robert Palmer. Another film on the Master Musicians of Jajouka, by Mark and Eric Hurtado, will soon follow.