NYE parties

Berlin’s best New Year’s Eve parties

Want to go out this New Year's Eve, but don't know where to go? We've got you covered, with our list of the best places to party in Berlin for NYE 2022.

Salon zur Wilden Renate

Photo: IMAGO / F. Anthea Schaap

Popular Berlin sport ‘endurance raving’ gets more and more popular towards the year’s end. The New Year’s Eve celebration at Salon zur Wilden Renate begins a full 25 hours before the actual turn of the year. The party goes until 2.1. at 12 o’clock, 61 hours total., 30 acts make music. Depending on how long you want to party (12 hours, 24 hours or the whole weekend), admission costs between 25 and 70 euros. Despite the revelrous nature of the event, the Wilde Renate team are refusing to let our Ukrainian comrades down, contributing five euros to the ticket price to Ukraine Emergency Aid.

  • Alt-Stralau 70, Friedrichshain, Dec. 30, 23:00, renate.cc


Photo: IMAGO / Votos-Roland Owsnitzki

Another club eager to get festivities underway is Berghain. Here too the party will have already been underway for a full 24 hours when the rest of the city starts pre-drinking. As always for the New Year’s party, all floors are open: the main Berghain dance floor, the Panorama Bar, the electro-acoustic salon and even the LabOratory. Two of many highlights of the party will certainly be the sets of Boris and Tama Sumo on this XXX floor. The party will probably end around noon on the second of January. The ticket price is not yet public as of publishing.

Kater Blau 

Photo: IMAGO / Emmanuele Contini

The undisputed kings of endurance raves won’t disappoint you come NYE. It kicks off at Kater Blau  around the same time as it does at Berghain starts here at the same time as Berghain, but the party goes on much longer – until the morning of Jan. 8. The theme is “The Big Brain BBQ – we’re going all the way!”. Yeah, we don’t get it either. In addition, there will be bingo, burlesque, champagne pyramid, concerts, and theatre. The lineup is so impressive that it’s best to check it out for yourself on the website. Admission costs between 30 and 40 euros.

  • Holzmarktstr. 25, Friedrichshain, Dec. 30, 23:59, katerblau.de



895 steps lead to the roof of the world. Or at least to a rooftop carpark in Neukölln. Unfortunately the elevator leading to Klunkerkranich is closed for the New Year’s celebration. But there is a spectacular view over the Neuköllner Geböller and music on three floors. Deep and melodic techno will be played in the living room, downtempo and slowrave will be played in the in-house club Hinter den Alpen, and the east wing will feature non-electronic music such as funk, soul and rock’n’roll. Admission costs 50 euros, admission is only between 6 and 9 pm, and the party ends around 7 am. Bringing fireworks is prohibited, warm clothes are recommended.

Ritter Butzke

Photo: IMAGO / F. Anthea Schaap

This club puts on a spectacular lineup at the turn of the year: Marek Hemmann, Joachim Pastor, Dominik Eulberg, Marc Romboy, Super Flu, Niconé, Oliver Schories, Bebetta, Jan Oberlaender, Prismode & Solvane and many more are on the decks and machines on four to five floors. To catch some air, there is also a covered open-air area in the courtyard. The celebrations start at 10 p.m., to 0 o’clock the party makers promise a spectacular countdown, partying is approximately until noon on January 1. Admission: 22 euros.


Fancy some bass? At Void there is one floor each for drum&bass, bass music and techno, probably not of the most delicate variety. The black, spacious vault with all kinds of industrial relics on the wall add to the rather dark aesthetic. Expect appearances from  Survey, Upzet, Agem, Cain, Shaded Lines, Cherry Core, Honschu Lee and many more. The party starts at 11pm, ends around 8am and costs 18 euros.


Photo: IMAGO / Travel-Stock-Image

A live act by Extrawelt, a DJ set by Oliver Huntemann, that’s all you really need right? Of course there will be plenty of other DJs playing across Watergate’s two floors. This Spree-side terrace party  begins on 1.1. at 1 pm. A ticket costs 33.90 euros, paid in advance.


Photo: IMAGO / F. Anthea Schaap

Steel, techno and history: in the 90s, Tresor was the most important club of the then emerging techno scene. The door to the main floor now stands in the Humboldtforum, where it reminds us of those legendary but sadly lost times. The club itself is now in an old power plant on Köpenicker Straße, and the parties are just as good as they used to be. The New Year’s Eve party starts at 10 p.m. on Dec. 31 and ends on Jan. 2. Admission costs 40 euros.


First Cosmonaut, then Polygon and now: Oxi! Photo: Oxi Garden

Close to Ostkreuz, spacious, exciting premises, plus a large courtyard: Oxi traditionally invites you to dance on three floors, but especially for New Year’s Eve there will be an extra chill area with ambient music. Techno, house, Italo disco and electro will be played. The party starts at 10 pm on Dec. 31 and goes on for more than 36 hours, until noon on Jan. 2. Admission costs 35 euros (from Jan. 1, 9 a.m. 28 euros).

  • Wiesenweg 1-4, Lichtenberg, Dec. 31, 22:00 oxi-club.de 


In this klein aber fein club, which explicitly speaks out against homophobia and racism, we are especially keen to see Kim She’s set on New Year’s Eve, but of course she is far from the only DJ playing there that night. The party starts at 10pm and goes until 10am. Twelve hours should be enough, right?


In a disused cathedral from 1882, with elaborate red lighting and décor, Club M-Bia has been holding its own since 2012. Dancing together for 13 hours into the new year is the name of the game here. Two floors and a chillout area are available for this. The sound systems are from Funktion One.

  • Dirckenstr. 123, Mitte, Dec. 31, 23:00, m-bia.de


Photo: Luka Godec

Located on Lohmühleninsel, framed by Landwehrkanal and Flutgraben, Æeden opened in mid-2015 and is one of Berlin’s youngest techno clubs. Young DJs Beatrice, Ignez and Jin-Su headline the New Year’s Eve program here, which runs from 10 p.m. to 12 a.m. for €22.60.


Photo: IMAGO / imagebroker

The company party at Hoppetosse is a time-honoured party institution. This year, the organisers are also playing the old ship on New Year’s Eve. The DJs are as always: Coco and Empro, but expect numerous guests appearances. It starts on 1.1. at 1pm, the party ends presumably on 2.1. at 9am and costs 20 euros entrance.

Golden Gate

Photo: IMAGO / Emmanuele Contini

It’s perhaps the tiniest club in Berlin, but that doesn’t mean they don’t know how to throw a party. On the contrary, you quickly get to know your fellow party-goers in this little witch’s cauldron. The New Year’s Eve party starts here on 1.1. at 2pm and costs 20 euros admission, after that the admission drops by 5 euros every 12 hours. The party is sure to go on until 2.1. in the morning, or longer if there is still a need for bass. Our musical highlight of the party is definitely the Turmspringer set.

Festsaal Kreuzberg

Photo: IMAGO / Jürgen Held

Rebellion der Träumer (Rebellion of Dreamers) is the name of a collective that for a long time hosted parties at the beautiful Rummels Bucht. It’s history now, devoured by gentrification and spat back out as luxury apartments. The dreamers now party at Festsaal Kreuzberg, also not far from the water. For the New Year’s party, they have brought on board the organisers of the Mit Dir festival. The headliner will be Township Rebellion, starting at 10 pm and probably ending around noon. Tickets: 20 euros.

Mensch Meier

Photo: IMAGO / tagesspiegel

Best New Year’s Eve party name ever: “Ruhe und Ordnung” is the name of the party at the left-wing alternative Mensch Meier (that’s Quiet and Order to you expats). The club is famous for its inclusive Spaceship party series and the FLINTA-empowering Juicy series, and there are also regular solo parties for political initiatives. The operators’ collective has booked 27 DJs, live acts and DJ teams for its New Year’s Eve party, including residents, friends of the club and acts who have made their mark on the year for the collective. The lineup is of course very diverse. The party will take place on three floors, plus the outdoor area, where vegan hot dogs have recently been added to the menu. The proceeds go into the continued operation of the club, no one makes a profit here (except the landlord and the utility companies of course ). The 33-hour party costs 33 euros entrance (VVK 28 euros), begins at 0 o’clock and ends Monday early.


Photo: IMAGO / Martin Müller

This queer club celebrates New Year’s Eve on three floors: pop, house, retro and entertainment are offered in the former brewery, by Jackie-Oh Weinhaus, Inge Borg and Absinthia Absolut and many more. In addition, there is the traditional New Year’s Eve countdown. The party starts at 10 pm on Dec. 31 and ends at 10 am. on Jan. 1. Admission costs 35 euros, in advance 27.50 euros.

  • Rollbergstr. 26, Neukölln, 31.12., 22:00, schwuz.de


Photo: IMAGO / Jan Huebner

On the main floor, the organisers of däääncing Berlin will play everything that is danceable and was produced in the 80s, 90s and 00s. The smaller floor will have a very different sound, showing what SO36 is all about: rock’n’roll and punk, plus ska and reggae. As a New Year’s Eve special, sparklers and fortune cookies will be distributed, confetti will rain and there is a welcome shot as you enter. If you get bored there is always the foosball table. The party starts at 10 pm and goes until 8 or 9 am. Admission costs 10 euros until 11 p.m., then 15 euros (advance booking 13.20 euros).

  • Oranienstr. 190, Kreuzberg, Dec. 31, 22:00, so36.com


Photo: IMAGO / Schöning

For those who want to start the party early on NYE, head to Kulturbrauerei. There you will find 13 floors, with 30 DJs and a live cover band. The music ranges from RnB and Hip Hop, House and Electro, Rock and Pop, 80s and 90s sound and even a Schlager party. To ring in the New Year, there will be a countdown in the courtyard, followed by a big fireworks display. Admission: 35 euros.


Photo: IMAGO / David Heerde

There’s a party here every night, but on New Year’s Eve, it’s a particularly big bash. The musical program spans five floors, from techno/electro/house to reggaeton and bachata/merengue/salsa for couples. It starts at 10pm, admission costs 30 euros.


Photo: IMAGO / Martin Müller

Sometimes it’s hard to believe, but the techno capital Berlin also has serious programming in genres other than techno! Indie rock, for example! On New Year’s Eve, this will be provided by the collective King Kong Kicks, with Robert Johannsson, A Design For Life, Whatever! DJ Team and more on the mixing desk. The party starts at 11:55 p.m. and costs 12 euros admission.


The name is fitting because the musical program is very special in the midst of techno-loving Berlin: dancehall, Afrobeat, salsa, hip hop, RnB. In other words, black music. On New Year’s Eve, the door opens at 10 pm, the party ends at 7am and costs 25 euros admission.

RSO (Revier Südost)

Photo: Emanuele Contini

Here, the two sex-positive party collectives Gegen and Pornceptual celebrate the new year together on three dance floors. In addition, there are erotic shows and a darkroom. Two days full of rave and sexual discoveries are promised by the organisers: “Unleash your dreams,” they write. In any case, both collectives are known for gigantically good parties. No sex buffet for macho guys, but a subtle play with gender roles beginning at 1 pm. If you want to be there from the start, you’ll have to pay 42 euros, if you don’t come until 12 noon, about 35 euros, and if you take your time and saunter in at  8 p.m., you’ll get the ticket for 25 euros.

  • Schnellerstr. 137, Niederschöneweide, Jan. 1, 13:00, rso.berlin


For New Year’s Eve, Insomnia opens a huge playground with a whirlpool, torture cellar, couples’ level, gynochair, erotic labyrinth, absinthe bar and and and. On the dance floor trance, house and electro are playing, the dress code requires kinky outfits or at least elegant evening dress. The hostess Dominique will be doing the countdown herself. The party starts at 9 p.m., admission costs 30 euros, and it ends in the early hours of January 1.


Photo: IMAGO / Jürgen Held

The former bourgeois excursion pub has been run by two techno veterans since 2020, who make sure the place is humming regularly. For the New Year’s party, they’ve teamed up with their four favorite collectives – including Buttons, which had hosted queer parties at About Blank until 2021. The fete kicks off at 10 p.m., lasts 48 hours and includes two floors. Those who come before midnight pay 33 euros, those who come after pay 44 euros. The fireworks will be visible from the Zenner Spree Terrace.