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Creamcake’s crop

Looking for some arty with your party? The 3hd festival won’t disappoint. The Creamcake kids put on a heady explosion of music, visual art and talks from Oct 11-15 at various venues around the city.

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Photo by Luci Lux / Electronic Beats

Looking for some arty with your party? The 3hd Festival won’t disappoint.

Always leaning toward the abstract when they’re not bumping Beyonce, Berlin party organisers Creamcake launched the first-ever 3hd Festival last year, an explosion of music, visual art and talks billed as a “new breed” of festival. This year seems even more spacey and philosophical: From Oct 11-15, performances at venues throughout the city (HAU, OHM and Vierte Welt, to name a few) will “offer potential solutions for fixing the problems of the present”. The question mark deployed at the end of the title “There is nothing but the future?” strikes up just the right amount of confusion.

Even when their goals are ambiguous, the Creamcake gang excels when it comes to solid, multi-faceted music lineups. Former Hype Williams member and name-changer extraordinaire Inga Copeland (photo) fits into 3hd’s experimental bent with her amorphous, deconstructed beats. She’ll be at HAU2 on Oct 14 as part of a concert showcasing talent scoured from the internet, which will also feature dreamy soundscapes from AGF. A second performance at HAU2 will include Berlin’s moody synth-pop duo Easter and meditative sounds from Swiss-born, Nepalese-Tibetan electronic artist Aïsha Dev.

Music aside, the program boasts other artsy events, advertised with lots of cryptic buzzwords like “violent”, “oppression”, “boundaries” and “healing”. The creative team DIY Church is working on an abstract symposium on social sculpture through sound and silence, whatever that means. If you leave feeling more uncertain than when you got there, just dance your anxieties away on the last night – Uniiqu3, DJ NJ Drone and Geng will be spinning during the closing bash at OHM.

3hd Festival Oct 11-15 Various venues, see for details