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Verbatim: Daniel Haaksman

The Berlin DJ and producer on his new collaborative release With Love, From Berlin. He releases it with a concert at ACUD Macht Neu on Jan 25, 22:00.

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Photo by Lukas Gansterer

The Berlin DJ and producer on his new collaborative release With Love, From Berlin

“For the past 15 years, I’ve been travelling the world, mostly Brazil and Southern Africa, to discover and work with local music cultures and genres. Trying to find a theme for my new album, I realised that a lot of artists I had worked with there had moved to Berlin. They didn’t necessarily take on a Berlin sound. Instead, they do what they’ve done for years. I said to myself, why not record an album with these people who all share this rather global background. The album was recorded within 15 months. I would produce a range of beats and send them to the artists. Then we worked on the tracks ping pong-style. One requirement content-wise was that the artists reflect on what makes Berlin so special to them. “Corpo Sujeito” featuring Cibelle, for instance, is about sexual freedom, gender identity and Berlin as a growing queer metropolis. “La Anoranza” with Coco Maria and Dengue Dengue Dengue is about feeling homesick upon arrival. In “Occupy Berlin”, Kalaf sings about the post-colonial movement, his life as an African man in Berlin and the growing community. The song is about celebrating African culture without constantly fearing to be attacked by racists on the streets. It’s a form of self-empowerment of the formerly colonised.”

With Love, From Berlin release party ft. Cibelle (Live), Coco Maria (Live) and DJs She’s Drunk, DJ Juba and special guest Jan 25, 22:00 Acud Macht Neu, Mitte