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Expatriarch celebrates its five-year-anniversary with the four-month series Expatriarch Generations: the old guard of Berliner musicians shares their knowledge and experience with the new through radio and concerts. First concert is Sep 19 at Schwuz.

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Generations, a four-part programme celebrating five years of Expatriarch kicks off with Perera Elsewhere and Bella Cuts Friday, September 19, 11pm at Schwuz.

The smooth house tunes of Cherushii lulls you into a comfortable state of mind, only to be hit in the face with the brutality of MikeQ and DJ Sliink’s bass-heavy ballroom beats. The vogueing soon crosses over into the souly, indie-big band sound of Kelis. On Expatriarch Radio, the four year running radio show now on Berlin Community Radio, it’s hard to put a finger on one genre in particular and for good reason: the show is dedicated to the deconstruction of genre. Actually, genre and gender – see the similarities?

In celebration of Expatriarch’s five-year anniversary, founder Joey Hansom is now adding another chapter with ‘Expatriarch Generations’, which started on September 2. The show connects the dots from the last five years by showing the development of Berlin’s music scene. Each month, an intergenerational pairing of Berliner musicians – one established, one up-and-coming – is invited into the studio to pass down knowledge and experience, offering the listener insight into the dirty reality of the music business. Later in the month they meet again to share the bill at Schwuz (Sep 19) for a night of queer musical exploits.

For the September radio show, Joey Hansom invited London expat of Jahcoozi fame, Perera Elsewhere (aka Sasha Perera). In keeping with the spirit of the radio show, her lyrics often deal with themes of racism, sexism and the problems of capitalism, and she chose DJ Bella Cuts, a New Zealand native who moved to Berlin in 2012, to pass her insights onto, considering her political activism and DJing at Soli parties and clubs like SO36, and their shared affinity for booty bass. On top of that, the first show also premiered Bella Cuts’ new self-produced track “Walk”.

The game continues to step up as each subsequent chapter gets hotter. The last three installments of the series feature Berlin queer institution Peaches (Oct 3), Planningtorock (Nov 21) and Gudrun Gut (Dec 19), but their choice of up-and-coming talent remains a surprise for the time being. So stay tuned for more information at

Generations 1, Fri, Sep 19, 23:00 | Schwuz, Rollbergstr. 26, U-Bhf Rathaus Neukölln, Neukölln