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Gents on taking chances ahead of Internet Explorer gig

Ahead of their show at Internet Explorer Prenzlauer Berg on Nov 26, Niels Fejrskov Juhl of Gents tells us how Berlin has left its mark on the Copenhagen-based duo and their spa pop sound.

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Photo by Denis Morton. Catch Gents at Internet Explorer, Prenzlauer Berg, on Nov 26.

Niels Fejrskov Juhl of Copenhagen-based spa pop duo Gents on getting naked for their new album Human Connection.  

“We started in Berlin, actually, and the place has left its mark on us and our music. The humour, the anarchy, and the lo-fi and DIY culture have rubbed off on us. It’s an inclusive city where you can chill out and be careless, but be loving as well. We want Gents, too, to be this inclusive space where people feel welcome. Berlin is a part of who we are: we’re very much a mixture of Copenhagen and Berlin these days. The thing about Human Connection is that it’s about growing older – and more confident too. The cold, Scandinavian noir approach to production – which is really happen­ing in Copenhagen – is not really what our music is about. We’re not riding a wave; we are more confi­dent in what we’re doing and in our own instincts, so we are taking more chances. On this album, we’re dealing with our emotions in a confessional way to motivate ourselves and others to be there for each other. There is an element of vulnerability and hon­esty that runs through this record. We hope that by writing about and sharing our own shortcomings, we are encouraging people to do the same, and that we can connect with one another. We want our music to be a kind of spa retreat: imagine you’re doing some­thing insanely nice for your body, mind, and soul, but you’re naked and you’re honest. Laid bare. In the end, people are more equal when they’re naked. It’s an equal, orgasmic, wellness space with catchy pop melodies on top. That’s how this record was dreamt up. That’s how we want you to listen to it.”   

Gents | Internet Explorer, Prenzlauer Berg. Nov 26, 21:00.