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Open call for musicians: Amplify is here

Are you an electronic music producer looking to sharpen your creative skills? Applications for the next semester of ACUD’s mentorship programme are open.

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Amplify Berlin is back for another year. The project provides month-long developmental residencies for emerging musicians in Berlin’s electronic music community. 

Until July 15, emerging musicians can apply to a series of residencies focused on the creative progression of their artistic practice. The project, hosted by ACUD, offers guidance and access to professional resources in a series of collaborative mentorships through dialogues with leading figures from Berlin’s electronic music scene.

Founded on the principles of community, education and exchange, Amplify recognises the need for structure in the progression of creative growth. Now in its fifth semester, the next program runs from September through November. Each month, two musicians will be selected for residencies. Far from a classroom, Amplify is a creative exchange rooted in the transformative possibilities of guidance, outside of the rigid classroom style of learning.

Ever changing in scope and style, previous mentors have included Pan Daijing, Rabih Beaini, Marie Davidson, artists whose commitment to innovation in electronic music make them as suited to clubs nights as they are experimental music festivals.

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Khyam Allami will mentor Amplify’s September residents. (Photo: Johann Elsa) 

Each month of this year’s residency will be guided by a different artist. Khyam Allami, a multi-instrumentalist musician and composer, will accompany September’s residents.

”Throughout my development as a musician I’ve always relied on learning from those who know more than me,” Allami said. “Whether they be friends, other artists or teachers. It’s an honour to be on the opposite side of that table now, to give back. In the last few years I’ve done a lot of research into ideas and tools that can help open up the creative process for musicians working with non-western music cultures, using the modern tools of today.”

In October, Jochen Arbeit will take the reins. A stalwart of the Berlin avant-garde, he is most famous for his work with Die Haut and Einstürzende Neubauten. November brings New York-born producer Phase Fatale into the mix. His raw approach to industrial techno has welcome diversion from Berghain’s more established sound.

Amplify aims to empower emerging artists by encouraging exploration and experimentation. Each Amplify residency culminates with a live performance at ACUD in which both the mentees and the mentor will take the stage.

Musicians that wish to apply can do so here until July 15, 2020, and will be notified of the results at the latest by August 31 2020.