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Your month in hip hop

March seems to be the month for the Berliners with serious swing in their hips and nod […]

Music & clubs

MaerzMusik: Our picks

Get ready for MaerzMusik! In case you have trouble deciding which of the many concerts and performances […]

Music & clubs

Winter mazes: Bernhard Lang

INTERVIEW! MaerzMusik, the Berliner Festspiele's celebration of new music, is coming Mar 11 (through 19)! Composer Bernhard […]

Music & clubs

Getting out of her orbit: Barbara Morgenstern

The experimental electronic musician and Wohnzimmerszene founder is a Berlinerin seeing the post-Mauerfall Berlin of the 1990s […]

Music & clubs

A chat with… Razor Cunts

INTERVIEW. It’s only been a year since the riot-grrrl cello duo emerged from Berlin’s queer scene, but […]

Music & clubs

Preaching to the Chor

It's time to get vocal again! The sixth annual CHOR@BERLIN festival returns showcasing all things musical from […]


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