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Jazzing the Germans

INTERVIEW. Jazzfest Berlin is 50. Involved since year three, Alexander von Schlippenbach shares his unique insight into […]

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In his Berlin cage

INTERVIEW. Tobias Jundt, frontman of Bonaparte, has a new, less fuzzy look and a carrot-juice diet to […]

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What is GEMA?

Here's a rocket-speed tour through German music copyright law, the deal with Youtube and why Germany's "music […]

Music & clubs

GEMA versus the little guys

You might only know GEMA as the bastards who block Youtube (still!) but for Berlin's indie musicians […]

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And so I don my mask

INTERVIEW. Berlin musician Miss Kenichi chats new albums, history of songs, and inspiration with friend and fellow […]

Music & clubs

Help fund Berlin’s punk rock Bible!

UPDATE: The crowdfunding deadline for SO36: Das Buch, a comprehensive history of Berlin's favourite punk club and […]


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