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Eddie Argos Speaks! (But Then You Knew That)

Interview. The ironically loquacious Art Brut and Everybody Was in the French Resistance…Now! frontman readies his messianic […]

Music & clubs

Songs We Taught

FROM THE ARCHIVES. Interview: Rudi Protrudi. Having lead a garage/psych/punk revival since the time of Ronald Reagan, […]

Music & clubs

Fritto layabout

Interview: Gatto Fritto. Having just released his Balearic-imbued debut last week, Fritto moans lyrical about all things […]

Music & clubs

Obituary: Maria am Ostbahnhof

She was the club pioneer on the banks of the Spree. But soon, at just 13, she […]

Music & clubs

Long live Maria!

Mediaspree claims a victim as Club Maria closes its doors for the last time in the wee […]

Music & clubs

My perfect Berlin weekend: Dara Drea O’Neill

Dara Drea O'Neill (28) is a founding owner of Kleine Reise, the upstart Kreuzberg club that after […]


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