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Interview: The Bacon Brothers

Michael and Kevin went their separate ways for a while, but a shared love for music and […]

Music & clubs

Best of 2010: What made the nightlife

In Germany the name Strauss used to be synonymous with waltzes and strolls along the promenade. But […]

Music & clubs

Early Days: Michael Gira of Swans

INTERVIEW: Michael Gira gives us a tour of his younger days, from work to hitchhiking to prison, […]

Music & clubs

“Everywhere else you can’t – Berlin is a big machine”

A chat with... Fairmont. Berlin-based since 2003, Jeff Fairley has been a hot commodity since his 2005 […]

Music & clubs

A chat with… Matias Aguayo

Mexico hits Berlin on December 4 as part of the Worldtronics Festival. The head honcho of the […]

Music & clubs

A chat with… Howe Gelb of Giant Sand

Giant Sand's frontman sits down with us to talk about sleeping too much, Canada's cold weather and […]


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