Paderborn to be wild


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Thanks for your comments mate, All feedback is apreciated and Im glad you enjoy my pieces.

As for Kolk and Brunnemann coming on I think that it will have been with an eye to the derby and getting them some much needed match fitness. It would be great to see Quiring, but I presume that Neuhaus won't use him in the derby, so it would be better to try and get Brunne / kolk into shape. We'll see on saturday....

Sweetman more than 10 years ago

Neuhaus couldn't have thrown more at Paderborn

Hey Jacob,

Thanks for yet another great article. Indeed, a very good summary of the game, but I do not necessarily agree with your statement that "Neuhaus couldn't have thrown more at Paderborn".

Reading a name, like Kolk, I would normally agree, but only if they are up and running to 100%. So the simple questions then is, why didn't he bring a young player, such as Quiring, into the game. Wouldn't that have been better, than someone who is not in shape at all? But that is of course just my take on the things.

Keep it up, it is a great pleasure to read your articles!


Stimme more than 10 years ago

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