A forum for raw, naked honesty

Sex and drugs abound in Berlin, but a free, non-judgmental space in which to talk (seriously) about them? There is now with Let's Talk About Sex and Drugs. The next one takes place on Nov 23, 19:00 at Baumhausbar.

Image for A forum for raw, naked honesty
Drag queen Pansy holding forth at September’s Let’s Talk About Sex and Drugs event at Baumhaus Bar.

We’ve got a PornFilmFestival and myriad of sex clubs, and a substance tolerance that would make Amsterdam blush… but for an honest chat about Berlin’s favourite vices, you’ll need to hit up the new bimonthly forum Let’s talk about sex and drugs. Brought to you by drag queen and Yo! Sissy festival founder Pansy and “Dr. Twink”, aka Dr. Martin Viehweger of Berlin clinic Praxis Dr. Cordes, the free night takes the form of an open mic centred around a topic – the rather open-ended theme of the last event at Baumhaus Bar in Kreuzberg was “Options”. It’s modelled after an event in London called “Let’s Talk About Gay Sex and Drugs”, but in typical Berlin fashion, the “gay” was dropped for the sake of inclusivity… and it works! Though men might still make up the majority of the audience, a few women take the stage as well. It’s bilingual, in both English and German – people speak in the language they’re most comfortable with, delivering honest admissions of hard drug use, recovery and sexual abuse and amusing stories of safe sex gone awry. Sounds like a lot? It is. But it’s also somehow cathartic, even for those not on stage. And it makes for a great date night – after all, the subjects have already been broached!

Let’s Talk About Sex and Drugs Nov 23, 19:00 | check Facebook for location/future dates