From hookup apps to polyamory, from impossible and extramarital romance to the psychology of love, we explore how Berliners are finding each other in Germany's singles capital. Also: The Berlinale is upon us and our film team has the lowdown.

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Berlin is Germany’s singles capital, but that doesn’t mean there’s no love to be found here. We spoke to polyamorous throuples, Berliners who’ve won the Tinder lottery and a veteran couples therapist, and collected confessions about impossible romances and extramarital sex slaves. Also in this issue: The 69th Berlinale is upon us and our film team tells you what films are worth queueing for, about the Panorama section’s 40th anniversary, where Hitchcock started his career and much, much more!

HONESTLY OPEN The realities of open relationships and polyamory

THE THINGS WE CALL LOVE A couples therapist unpacks the L-word

TYING THE TINDER KNOT Meet couples who’ve (almost) made it from app to altar

LOVE CONFESSIONS Berliners tell their toughest stories

THE BEAR ESSENTIALS What to see at this year’s Berlin Film Festival

HITCHCOCK IN BABELSBERG Where the master of suspense learned his craft

Also in this issue…

PANORAMA TURNS 40 Wieland Speck and Andreas Struck look back

CINEMATIC CONFLICT ZONES A preview of this year’s Berlin Critics Week

HOUELLEBECQ IN GERMANY Why the French literary bad boy is so popular here

BRITISH SCULPTURE An interview with the Tate curators behind PalaisPopulaire’s new show

EXB ASTROLOGY What the Berlin stars hold for you this month

BERLIN BITES Ramen renaissance and queue-worthy Sichuan noodles

…And much, much more!

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