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Where to get a free PCR test in Berlin

Red alert on your CoronaWarn app? Here's how to get a free PCR test in Berlin.


Could Germany’s obsession with homeopathy explain the low vaccination rate?

In Germany, homeopathy and other "alternative medicines" are supported by the state. Is this worsening the Covid […]


Angela Merkel inertia

Germany’s new coalition government has finally been sworn in. Will anything actually change?


Coming back from Christmas: What are the rules?

Do I need to quarantine? What are the test requirements? What does high risk area mean?

Red flag

Elon Musk: Worst Person of the Year

He's no friend to the environment, hates unions and public transport. What's the point of Elon Musk?


A doctor speaks about Omicron, the vaccine and Germany’s fourth wave

We spoke to a doctor working in a vaccination centre about his hopes and fears for another […]


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