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2G in Berlin: What to know about the latest rules

On April 1, most (but not all) of Berlin's rules are relaxed. Find out what's allowed and […]


“Putin can’t lose face”: Analyst Marina Henke on the Ukraine war

As Russia's invasion continues, we ask defence expert Marina Henke about nuclear weapons, Putin's strategy and the […]

Red flag

Red flag: Why not make public transport free?

Germany's "9 for 90" scheme means public transport will cost 9 euros a month. It would be […]

Fake news

Fake news of the week: The refugee train

Half-empty beer bottles, rubbish on the floor, graffiti... but who vandalised this train?

Red flag

Who are Germany’s oligarchs?

We only use the word oligarch to talk about Russians, but Germany's top ten billionaires are even […]

Fake news of the week

Fake news of the week: Russian sanctions

Last week, Twitter users claimed their accounts were being closed due to Russian sanctions - what was […]


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