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Fact check of the week: Anti-Russian attacks

A video shared on Twitter showed a business with its windows smashed after a potentially politically motivated […]

Red flag

Red flag: International Women’s Day is a strike day!

On March 8, lots of workers went on strike in Germany. This is what International Women's Day […]

Ukraine - reports from Berlin

Medicine, petrol, baby food: The Berliner bringing aid to the Ukraine border

We spoke with Alan Meyer, a Russian-born Berliner helping Ukrainians cross the Polish border

Ukraine – reports from Berlin

Milana: From Kharkiv to Berlin Hauptbahnhof

Our reporter spent the weekend at Berlin Hauptbahnhof to help some of the thousands of incoming refugees.


Ukraine protests: 100,000 march in Berlin – a photo gallery

Up to half a million gathered in Berlin yesterday in solidarity with Ukraine. EXB's photographer was there.


Red Flag: Why does Germany still have no speed limit?

The rich can drive at 400 km/h on Germany's freeways. How are we ok with this?


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