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Cem Özdemir’s war on sausages

The new Minister for Agriculture says the current sausage situation is unsustainable.

Red flag

Want to prevent crime at Kottbusser Tor? Legalise drugs.

Could a new police station solve the problem of Kottbusser Tor? Our politics blogger has an easier […]

Fake news of the week

Fake News of the Week: Two million march in Ottawa

This week, misinformation spread online claiming to show two million people in the streets

Red flag

Why we should abolish Germany’s church tax

Germany's Catholics have announced reforms. Our politics blogger argues the reform we need is separation of church […]

My Marx

Tadzio Müller: Capitalism is the virus

Tadzio Müller is a political scientist, LGBTQ+ and climate activist and the co-founder of Ende Gelände

Fake news of the week

Fake news of the week: Do the Greens want Sharia law?

Online misinformation targeted Green co-leader Omid Nouripour


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