Taxes in Germany

How to do your German tax return online in English and get an average of €1007 back.

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How to do your German tax return online in English and get an average of €1007 back.

Taxes and tax declarations are known for being complicated. Even more so, if they are in German and you haven’t quite mastered the language yet. It’s a pity if you don’t file your taxes because of that, because by submitting a tax declaration in Germany, you can get an average of €1007 back. If you want to submit your German tax return and fear you won’t do it correctly, then the solution is wundertax. The company offers the tool germantaxes.de, which is in English and allows to submit your taxes in Germany. It’s a fast and easy way to do your taxes online, without prior fiscal knowledge.

The tool has already made 150,000 customers from all over the world very happy by getting their money back. The tool, made of 7 easy steps, provides useful tips to help you get your taxes filed in only 15 minutes. If something is unclear, customer support provides technical assistance on the usage of the tool not only in English, but also in Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, French and Russian. This is like a dream for many of the foreigner employees in Germany.

What do I need to do to get a tax refund? Just three things: a device to use the tool (can be the smartphone or a laptop) on, the certificate of wage tax reduction for the respective year of the tax declaration (the so-called “Lohnsteuerbescheinigung”) and the tax ID.

Of course, the more costs you can deduct, the higher the tax refund: employees can deduct costs related to commuting to the office, business trips, trainings, work equipment, relocation (ie. costs related to moving to Germany to work) and much more.

After a maximum of 10 weeks the money is transferred to your bank account, ready to use as you like!