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What type of empowered Berlinerin are you?

Are you a leaning-in power-Frau or more of a cacao type of gal? Is your pussy on lock or does it grab back? Take our quiz and find out your true empowerment style.

Image for What type of empowered Berlinerin are you? Are you a leaning-in power-Frau or more of a cacao type of gal? Is your pussy on lock or does it grab back? Take our quiz and find out your true empowerment style. 1. Where would you rather live?  A: On a leafy Tempelhof side street with a bus stop right outside, protected by your trusty guard dog.  B: In a freshly renovated penthouse with Danish furnishings, a stone’s throw from Soho House. C: In a yurt in the wilds of Brandenburg. D: In a Kotti WG shared with fellow freaks and creatures of the night. 2. What gets you up in the morning? A: A rousing workout at the Fit T9 gym by Rathaus Neukölln, where you’re free to sweat away from the eyes of leering male bodybuilders. B: Your 6am pilates class followed by a meeting of Berlin’s Women Breakfast Club, where you take in a cryptocurrency lecture over coffee and muesli. C: The sun, calling you to salute it with kundalini yoga exercises before a simple breakfast of activated cashews and chaga mushroom tea. D: The supple Brazilian choreographer you picked up at last night’s Pornceptual party, asking where you keep your French press. 3. Your favourite non-alcoholic drink? A: Fresh mint tea, sipped over a game of rummy at the women-only café Begine. B: Club Mate – you started drinking it to keep up with the late nights at your first developer job, but you’ve totally acquired the taste by now. C: A cup of raw cacao from local supplier Cacao Mama, to open your heart chakra and get some womb-soothing magnesium. D: Blood-red cherry juice, trickled down the torso of a willing participant. 4. Which item of clothing do you feel most liberated in? A: Your new pair of Safe Shorts (€149, made in Rheinland). With a built-in 140db alarm that sounds if any man tries to rip them off you, you’re guaranteed ultimate security. B: A €300 cardigan from Lala Berlin – you’ve basically been BFFs with label founder Leyla Piedayesh since you “accidentally” bumped into her at The Factory. C: A long, flowing patterned dress from Zazi Vintage (€590), ethically sewn in rural Rajasthan. D: A leather harness from Obectra Berlin (€150), with tape over your nipples if you’re feeling modest. 5. Your idea of a wild night? A: Grab the girls and snag a table at a male strip club, where you can giggle over gyrating pelvises… from a safe distance. B: Put on some risqué-yet-glam attire and head to Skirt Club, a pricey sex party for Berlin’s female elite where you can network and indulge your bi-curiosity at the same time. C: Six hours of ecstatic dancing at one of Anja Mury’s Inner Goddess retreats. D: Stay in, swipe right on a few hotties and try out the rope suspension techniques you learned from your mentor Felix Ruckert at last year’s Xplore Festival. Image for What type of empowered Berlinerin are you? Mostly A’s: You’re a Safe-Space Seeker! It’s not that you’re scared of men, really. But whether it’s because you had a bad experience or it’s just the way you were raised, you feel a little anxious around guys who aren’t your dad, your husband or your boyfriend. It’s only in the company of other women that you dare to be your true, confident, audacious self. You have no problem stripping down to a sports bra, provided it’s among ladies. Luckily, you’re spoiled for choice with Frauenfitness gyms all over the city, like FitT9’s women-only locations in Neukölln, Wedding or Hellersdorf, or the new John Reed in Mitte. You’ve memorised all the public pools’ Frauentage – Thursdays 8-10am in Reinickendorf; Sundays 12-2pm in Kreuzberg; Mondays 10-22:30 in Neukölln – but you’ve stopped going to the latter’s admittedly excellent sauna after noticing some male employees lurking around. Instead, you stick to the hamam in Kreuzberg’s Schokofabrik, where you can steam yourself in the buff among a 100-percent-female mix of nationalities (including many Turkish and Arab women from the neighbourhood). At night you can all head to Wedding to unwind under disco lights at Berlin’s ladies-only shisha lounge Maxat, sharing a round of sweet tobacco or trying fruity nonalcoholic concoctions like the “Strawberry Kiss” or “Pussy Foot”. You’re also not afraid to mingle with the mostly-lesbian crowd at Begine, the historical Schöneberg locale that’s kept men out since 1986. When you do have a hankering for male company, you head to Tempelhof’s Sixx Paxx strip club, where for €10 you can “forget your good manners” and straight-up ogle the Magic Mikes on display. After all, you’re not a prude; you actually like men, as long as they don’t make direct contact with you… Image for What type of empowered Berlinerin are you? Mostly B’s: You’re a Fierce Career-Frau! As long as you can remember, you’ve had a drive within you – not just to succeed, but to bust up the business boys’ club. Whether you moved to Berlin to launch the start-up of your dreams, or because you were recruited for that ballsy exec job, you won’t be intimidated by the macho horndogs who dominate the scene. And you’ve got company. Berlin’s now home to dozens of meet-up groups and networks for female entrepreneurs, and though you’re secretly a bit disappointed that you’re no longer the only woman in the boardroom or at the hackathon, the support and inspiration you’ve gained from your founder and techie sisters has been worth it. It all started in your junior years when you joined the tech group Berlin Geekettes; through their mentorship programme, you’re now helping a Portuguese recent uni grad develop an app that will totally disrupt the tampon market. You tune in religiously to Fem.Couraged, a motivational Youtube channel run by Berlin start-up founder Johanna Eckart. Back in January, you attended a workshop she held on negotiation skills, and you’re looking forward to using your newfound knowledge to rock your next pitch meeting. When you do make your first million, you’ll know exactly what to do with it thanks to Mind the Gap, a meetup where female founders and investors share their investment knowledge for free. You’re looking forward to presenting your latest killer app at the European Women’s Startup Competition, coming to Berlin in June. Of course, it’s not really about comparing yourself to other women – as you’ve come to learn, it’s more important to support each other. But then again, a little friendly competition can’t hurt. Image for What type of empowered Berlinerin are you? Mostly Cs: You’re a Womb-blessed Goddess! Fed up with “empowerment” being all about keeping up with the boys, you’ve switched your constraining androgynous workwear for flowing skirts that channel your inner Gaia. Whether you’ve given up your previous career or have kept it as a survival side project (goddesses still have to pay the rent, right?) you’ve realised you’ve been neglecting the very essence of your womanhood, and have joined the Red Tent Moon Tribe women’s circle in Schöneberg to embrace and celebrate your sacred cyclic nature. Attending their twice monthly events – dressed in red in homage to your menstrual blood – you meditate and embark on shamanic journeys into your womb space. You love nothing more than attending Anja Mury’s Inner Goddess Retreats, weekend-long sessions where you and your sisters (who’re mostly German) have your hearts opened by a sacred cacao ceremony, lose all your inhibitions and dance with abandon, reconnecting to your Divine Femininity. At over €100, the fee slightly disagrees with your new anti-capitalistic outlook; however, when you’re encouraged to rethink the payment as “energy exchange”, it doesn’t seem so bad. Whether at gatherings like March’s Agape Zoe Healing Arts Festival or solo sojourns into the Brandenburg woods, you take every chance you get to escape the hustle and bustle of the city, and take inspiration from the most empowered woman of them all – Mother Nature. Or, if you don’t have time for a barefoot walk in the grass, you simply empty the blood from your moon cup into your pot plants, providing them with vitamins and reaffirming your symbiotic relationship with the earth. Image for What type of empowered Berlinerin are you? Mostly D’s: You’re a Radical Sexplorer! For you, being a modern Berlin woman means freeing yourself from the societal and sexual norms imposed upon us by the patriarchal middle class. Totally engaged with every aspect of your body, you harness your orgasmic potential and diffuse its energy into endless creative outlets. Whether you’re studying clitoral stimulation with the girls, building inner thigh fortitude during your pole dancing classes or getting tied up in compromising positions, you refuse to be slut-shamed – after all, you know your power is in your pussy (or whatever other genitalia you might have). The first thing visitors see upon entering your Altbau flat is a glass cabinet display of throbbing neon dildos and bejewelled butt plugs. Some are gifts from friends, like the all-girl crew from local DIY porn site Ersties, who came by to film a scene at yours last week. Others are from wholesome suppliers like Mehringdamm vegan sex shop Other Nature (see page 8), whose Austrian spanking paddles proved to be an especially useful recent acquisition. You spend your weekends in bespoke latex making the rounds of every cool queer sex party in town, from Pornceptual to House of Red Doors to Gegen. But you really can’t wait for the March debut of Juice, a brand-new feminist sex-positive night from former Mint promoter Ena Lind; the first edition features a sure-to-be-titillating performance from radical artist Mad Kate. Then again, for you, sex isn’t just about partying – it’s about self-discovery. And for that, this month’s New Civilisation Training retreat from BDSM guru Felix Ruckert and his Schwelle 7 crew is really the only place to go (see page 43). In a monastery in Stolzenhagen, Brandenburg, you’ll get to indulge your desire through detox and rigorous sexploration for 10 multiorgasmic days. But of course, utilising your sexual power doesn’t always mean leaving the house. With help from your unrelenting vibrator, selflove has never been quite so thrilling.