Your Weekend: Come and go

Things rise and fall in Berlin. Such as the intensity of nightlife from weekend to weekend. We lose a few things here, gain some here. And Achtung: this weekend all this to and fro is cheaper to get to than ever.

Image for Your Weekend: Come and go
Photo by Mike Burns (Mike Burns; Flickr CC)

Things come and go in Berlin. For me, this weekend sees the closure of one crazed event that I loved but never really took off like it should have and another one launching that should enjoy a long future. All in one night.

But at least it shouldn’t be a problem for me or anyone else to get around this weekend, because the BVG are allowing you to ride on a €2.10 single journey ticket all day long every weekend till the end of the year in an all-too-uncommon apologetic deal – for all those S-bahn fuck-ups all last year.

Start out slow. Friday is your cultural rejuvenation night with the exception of 900 Seconds (Fri, Nov 26 @ KIM). The smorgasbord of music thrown at you by DJ wannabes for 15 minutes a pop probably won’t amount to much culture, but you can always be coaxed into staying a little longer “just in case”. Anyways, tonight might be a good night to take in a play. Dances for Non/Fictional Bodies (Fri-Sun, Nov 26-28 @ Fabrik Potsdam) runs all weekend and depending on which night you go will sway your opinion of what the meaning of “artificial human” is. The strictly human side of things can be found in Berlin’s legendary Hasenheide Park. But you don’t have to go there to find out what lurks. Nana A.T. Rebhan’s documentary Hasenheide (Fri, Nov 26 @ Moviemento) documents what kind of “riff-raff” inhabit the space.

On Saturday it’s house parties. First up there’s what appears to be the final Crackbaby (@ Monster Ronson’s) featuring glam/dandy Bowie-esque performer Alexander. It’s sad that the baby has to go off to rehab or whatever it’s using the time off for, because I feel like I didn’t really have time to know her. But fear not, we have another crazy party in its wake. Beginning before the other even lays to rest. Warehouse (@ ZMF) attempts to build its own legacy beyond a one-night stand. Regardless of the promotion going into this, the people involved with or behind a few other legends of longevity (Chantal’s House of Shame, Transgenialer CSD) and newer club maniac nights as well (Cityboy ). Of course, another legend of (Berlin) longevity, Stereo Total (Sat, Nov 27 @ Volksbühne) don’t need to attempt anything. They do it every album. But definitely fun every time.

On Sunday, whether you’re feeling worn out or like you need more for the winter to wear, Sing Blackbird, delightful dealers of coffee, cake and vintage, will be holding its first indoor Flohmarkt (Sun @ Sing Blackbird) complete with DJs and the Taco Truck – and the warmth that’s becoming necessary to go flohmarkten (is that a word?) on Sundays now.