Your Weekend: Kein film, bitte

Walter definitely LOVES movies, but after his two-week Berlinale blog break, it's time to look elsewhere for some entertainment. At least for the next few days.

After you’ve settled down from the raucous set at Kaffee Burger last night by the likes of Kool Thing and Jimmy Trash and the Gunpowder Temple of Heaven, time to start planning your next raucous outing. Now that the Berlinale’s over and there are things to do other go to films, exhibitions of film directors or film-themed parties, I’m back to give you a hand. And I promise, no film.

We do have some spoken word for you, however, straight from our own Lady Gaby (Fri, Feb 25 @ Peppi Guggenheim) whose punk outlook and knack for nouns, verbs and other such linguistic tools can change or warp minds. The theme is end of winter – let’s hope she and her friends witch it away with words. Otherwise, Kleine Reise is more than kleine hype, so Hot Boxx (Fri, Feb 25 @ Kleine Reise) might be worth checking out. It might be a reference to the infamous summer months when they were sans air conditioner and everyone almost choked in that hot box basement space.

Thomas Götz von Aust never stops and that’s fine by me because the parties he’s involved in consistently make my top pick. Warehouse (Sat, Feb 26 @ ZMF) this month features DJs Mary Velo, Aviv Without, Helga P., Steve Morell and Andreas Schwarz, along without the requisite glitter, fake eyelashes and sweat. Otherwise, for live music kicks, New York upstarts and Genesis P-Orridge fans, Blondes (Sat, Feb 26 @ Sameheads) are in Berlin tonight, supported by the fabulously named Gucci Goths.

And Hanna or no Kathleen Hanna, JD Samson of Men (Sun, Feb 27 @ Comet Club) is something to see live. Sure the immediacy and bluntness of Le Tigre is missing, but when it comes down to the night, it is primarily a dance party, right?