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I think Madouni is a lot promissing but he didn't come up to fulfill this funciton with the class expected from a man with his experience. Nevertheless he still can become the key cornerstone of a solid defense.

Amnd as to Höttecke youh have hopefully seen the way he is acting in the goali box. That was not to overimpressive

bunki (alias bunkinho) more than 10 years ago

Don't get me wrong,

I do believe that Madouni can help us a lot and that he will be a prominent figure in the team. I just wasn't overly impressed with his performance on Saturday - he did alright which is more than I'd expected after the long time he's been sidelined. He will improve as he gets more playing time, I'm pretty sure.
And I am admittedly a bit of a fan of Daniel Göhlert's. That said, having three good centre backs wouldn't do any harm, would it?

keano more than 10 years ago

Central defenders shouting a lot

always impresses me hugely. It may not be right....

Sweetman more than 10 years ago

Good analysis

... though I'm not quite sure about Madounis actual and immediate impact. Shouting and barking doesn't necessarily make him a better defender than let's say Daniel Göhlert.

I fully agree with the rest, though.

keano more than 10 years ago

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