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the point of view

Of course David Deery says in the play hes a cynic.
But the play isn't it. Its a way of irony but not in a bad way. I think the play gives us a look at ourselves with a wink.

But yes maybe 90 minutes is a bit (to) long, otherwise there are at least at the end 4 couples.. there you got your 20 minute sketch comedy - for each couple^^

Hans more than 11 years ago

Read beyond Sex in the City

I'm shabbily dressed (ask my friends). I eat shit (not literally). My life is less glamorous than the characters in the play. And I can still relate more to the Sex in the City gals than to the characters in Lovepuke.
Sex in the City's glitziness and Love Puke's lighting and costume choices weren't major points in my review: I mentioned Sex in the City because, like Lovepuke, it has an ensemble cast of archetypes, and like lovepuke, it takes a cynical look at love, sex, single-ness; relationships, lonliness, and what people are really after (and can get out of) relationships. Although Sex in the City can be shallow and is in no way brilliant, I think it works because each of the four archetypal NYC women in the show have quirks and lives outside of their love lives...and the quirks and background lives draw you in ( least me in).
The partners in Lovepuke are nothing but partners in a couple: archetypal partners in stereotypical couples. I found them chaffing to watch, but maybe the lack of character depth was part of the point I missed.
Lack of glamour has nothing to do with that; you take Sex in the City as a base point, and clothing has to be mentioned: and hey, no matter how bad an episode is, at least in Sex in the City you're ensured some interesting bits of New York couture: hideous or hot, at least there's eye candy.
Again, I thought Love Puke had strong acting at points. I laughed my butt off at points. But overall the dialogue, acting, characterization, and plot - were more in line with what you'd expect from a 20 minute sketch comedy act than from a 90 minute play.

Katherine Koster more than 11 years ago

Damn good job Katherine!

Berliners get away with way too much. The assumption that because you are in a cool city what you do is automatically deserving of approval needs to go. There's too much shit in the pancakes. Being poor and shabbily dressed doesn't mean you have to eat shit. If you want to eat shit, please consider starvation. And just because your audience will eat shit doesn't make it OK to feed it to them.

Sam Williams more than 11 years ago

I liked the play

Yeah I really liked it.
Yes, it isn't deep, yes the characters are totaly stereotype und that make it a funny little play. Not every play has to go deep in your minds.
But shabbily .. well if erveyone shabby whos not sex an the city like dressed - i'm proud to be shabbliy as the poor actors ;)

Hans more than 11 years ago


Dear Miss Koster

I think you missed the point just a little bit.

Jesse more than 11 years ago

Unintelligent comparison

God help us if 'most' (American) 'women' are supposed to relate to Sex and the City us from the superiority of America, that which infiltrates and dominates. Poor Women.
Americans! There are people out there who will never watch that crap on TV and will pay to go to ETB to watch live theatre no matter how unglamorous.
As for Facebook...can't relate to that either.


Matthew more than 11 years ago

Shabbily dressed and utterly unglamorous?

Dearest Ex-Berliner,

After reading this review I had to ask myself - where on earth does this Katherine Koster live? Presumably Berlin? But is she then unaware that most people who inhabit the good burgh of Kreuzberg, where the English Theatre has its seat, are exactly the sort of people that she finds it unimaginable to compare herself with: they're all shabbily dressed and unglamorous!
That's exactly the point, we're supposed to empathise with these no-hopers. Just like delusional American "Modeopfer" empathise with those gals off Sex and the City.... I'm sorry to break it to you but Ku'damm is not exactly 5th Av.

I'm quite happy to admit that Lovepuke is no literary masterpiece, but it is a frothy bit of fun. I was there on the first night and laughed my ass off, as did the rest of the shabbily dressed contingent around me.

With only the most friendly of greetings. Paul

Paul more than 11 years ago

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