Don't use domestic violence as an excuse!



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It's Ironic and/or Instructive...

...that it's the Expats, in Berlin, who seem most eager to embrace, unquestioningly, the magical thinking behind this sudden disregard for Civil Liberties based on a "pandemic" that is clearly less lethal than the yearly Flu. Most of the hysterically virtue-signalling finger-waggers don't even know what a PCR is, what it really does and what it can't do very accurately at all; they haven't bothered to read closely even the mainstream admissions that the percentages of deaths, from country to country, that can be blamed, without a doubt, on "Covid" are very, very small (most death-reports are about dying "with" rather than dying "of"). It's not just Evil that fuels totalitarian crystal formation... it's mostly stupidity mixed with the foul stink of the smug naiveté of a gullible herd which believes it's so special that Government exists only to protect and serve it! But said herd can only possibly believe such nonsense if it's utterly ignorant of History... which can never wait to indulge in the pleasure of repeating itself.

Steven Augustine more than 1 year ago

's Maul

go to a Hygiene Demo, Steve, and add your voice to that herd.

Steve 'Trumper' Augustine more than 1 year ago

When There Are No Facts to Support Your Case...

... resort to nonsensical insults. Now, what was your point and where is your argument? And, re: Trump: the man is clearly an empty-headed, reactionary buffoon, a bundle of traits that is far from unique to his followers.

Steven Augustine more than 1 year ago

still a troll

just cause you are smug and ironic doesn't make you right either, right ?
Trump was empty headed enough to get elected president of the US. your smug rant sounds like his policies. just saying. I wasn't insulting you, only suggesting you go to a Hygiene Demo, cause it seems aligned with your thinking

PWM more than 1 year ago

ad hominems...

...from beginning to end. Is this how you were "taught" to debate an issue? Very poor. Yet: standard.

Steven Augustine more than 1 year ago

good point

You're making a good point. I think also it is very selfish that people think that educators are somehow "disposable" humans, that can get sick (there is no way to have 3-years old kids to keep distances) and who cares. They sum to all those other people, delivery workers, etc. that are likely to get sick because we don't care. The problem of domestic violence is there and is huge, but a violent man should be forced to leave the house, not the other way around. And patriarchy, not lockdown is responsible for it!

Vanessa more than 1 year ago

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