Berlin art diaries: How is artist life during lockdown?

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... is simple. Place the OBJECT IN QUESTION in a dumpster. Regard it. Does it look out of place? If the OBJECT IN QUESTION looks out of place in a dumpster, it's not definitely-not ART.

Steven Augustine 252 days ago

So true

I love these two. A heartfelt article full of self-irony. it's refreshing and funny. 'Social distancing is like your safety has turned into a delicate soap bubble that can easily burst into tiny splashes.' so true....

Laura Beng 286 days ago


On the first half of this sponsored content, I say the death of painting happened. Some artist hauling out their derivative paintings while gussied up in high-end heels, body suits and makeup isn’t about art, it’s about the performance of a lifestyle brand and how maintaining that brand only world when there are spectators for the spectacle beyond the actual work. We all lament the difficulties we’ve faced to keep others from dying but art, the true stuff, is resilient. It‘s value is seen past war and death and doesn’t require the pretty parade to keep it going.

Anne Stross 291 days ago


how maintaining that brand only WORKS when there are spectators for spectacle beyond the actual work. & ITS value

Anne Stross 291 days ago

'true art'?

mmm...interesting point but what is 'true art'? who is to decide? maybe its the heeled up, wealthy, art collecting upper class gussied up in high heels who decides that- and its always been that way,isn't it? they decide who is in, who is out, what has worth and what you find in museums- I am more critical about this than a young pretty painter in high heels :).

Mandy Weiss 291 days ago

Performance of art

If the paintings were as half as good as they are lovely, it’d be a win win, unfortunately the work just isn’t. More importantly though, these artists pretending to be poor and struggling is a joke.

Anne Stross 289 days ago

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