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11th F.I.N.D. festival

The world is (on) our stage! The Schaubühne's 10-day festival attracts a host of international artists and features a packed program of readings, full productions, and discussions. Check out our preview.

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Photo by Vilja Pursiainen

Attracting artists from Russia, Canada, Finland, Serbia and more, the Schaubühne’s “Festival of International New Drama” is a 10-day combination of readings, full productions and discussions concerning new trends in theatre across the globe.

The year will also feature, for the first time, the “F.I.N.D. plus” division, an exchange between theatre students in Germany, Russia and France. Most productions are performed in the original language or in German translation, but many will feature English subtitles this year.

Rain in Neukölln is playwright Paul Brodowsky’s third offering and follows seven quirky characters on a rainy summer night in Neukölln, replete with party-girls, Berlin taxi-drivers and foxes with toothaches.

I’d rather Goya robbed me of sleep than some other arsehole is a play that lives up to its epic title. Writer/director Rodrigo García, known for his individualistic, extreme and highly physical theatre, crafts a tale about a father and his two sons on a fantastical night in Madrid.

Another highlight, the English/Hebrew/Arabic production Both Upon a Time will be shown as a work in progress, dissecting the nature of folktales in the Middle East and their effect on the current culture.

11th F.I.N.D. festival | March 3-13. For a full schedule see www.schaubuehne.de