F.I.N.D. 2013

The Festival of International New Drama returns. Actors from various countries including Germany's euro bail-out pals shoot spaghetti from their mouths, build a Frankensteinian film star and much more, all in the name of theatre.

Notes From The Kitchen
Benjamin Krieg

Focusing on guests from lands basically bailed out by Berlin, this year’s F.I.N.D. (Festival of International New Drama) has invited theatre makers from Iceland, Greece, Spain and Italy to the Schaubühne. Themes include terrorism, idealism, revolution and Leonardo da Vinci’s cookbook.

An unprecedented number of performances will also be shown with English surtitles this year: in addition to Hyperion (March 17-18, 20:00) and The Terrorist Ballroom (March 16, 20:00, March 18, 20:30), Rodrigo Garcia’s Notes from the Kitchen (March 17-18, 19:30, March 19, 20:00) as directed by Patrick Wengenroth (the original director, Egill Heiðar Anton Pálsson, left the production on March 14, citing artistic reasons) will receive its German-language premiere. In this theatrical culinary duel from the notorious Spanish playwright, two men compete for a woman’s heart through her stomach. 

The guest performance Susn (March 22-23, 20:00) from the Münchener Kammerspiele and directed by Schaubühne artistic director Thomas Ostermeier will also be shown with English surtitles: a bit of an autobiographical exercise for Ostermeier, Herbert Achternbusch’s 90-minute work tells the story of an independent-thinking outsider in small town Bavaria.

The Frankenstein Project (March 23, 22:00, March 24, 17:00, English surtitles; March 23, 18:00, March 24, 21:00, Geman surtitles) from the Hungarian Proton Theatre sets the iconic Mary Shelley story in today’s Budapest, where the monster is the product of a filmmaker in desperate need of a star.

F.I.N.D. 2013 | March 16-24, Schaubühne am Lehniner Platz, Kurfürstendamm 153 U-Bhf Adenauerplatz