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Nationwide police raids against Last Generation

German police descend on Last Generation - raiding offices and shutting down their website.

Friday 28, April

Berlin’s most controversial monument is vandalised… again

The so-called Herero Stone honours the perpetrators of genocide. Activists want it taken down.

Friday 14, April

61 people arrested after climate activists hijack hotel balcony

61 climate activists were arrested after Extinction Rebellion took to the balcony of Hotel Adlon in their […]


Sharon Dodua Otoo: “I talk about racism without reproducing these ugly words”

Native English speaker, Sharon Dodua Otoo published her first novel, Ada's Realm, in German and it became […]

Monday 6, March

Monument to German constitution defaced by Last Generation activists

Last Generation activists smeared a black oily substance over a glass sculpture inscribed with the articles of […]


Eco-terrorism: Do we need a Green Army Faction?

Faced with environmental disaster and a lack of action from those in charge, some activists believe eco-terrorism […]


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