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Consider the nightingale: The birdwatching books of Berlin

As Berlin’s birdlife celebrates the onset of spring, take a tour through the boom of avian literature […]


Blood Moon Blues: Howling wolf, huntress owl

Despite some kitschy staging, Blood Moon Blues is a fascinating and complicated production ★★★★

Wednesday 12, April

Berlin Elephant makes headlines for peeling bananas

Female Asian elephant Pang Pha is making international headlines after learning to peel bananas.


’What a cutie’: The truth about Berlin’s pigeons

It’s a dangerous world out there for Berlin’s least-favourite bird, full of pest- control spikes and poison. […]


Petfluencers: The Berliners making dough from their dogs

Gwendolyn the guinea pig has an Instagram following to make a Berlin poser weep. We delve into […]


Exclusive: An interview with film’s most famous cat

You may not have heard of him, but you've definitely seen this cat on the big screen. […]


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