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Berlin’s housing scams revealed! Real scams and how to avoid them

With rents soaring, fraudsters are plaguing Berlin’s desperate flat seekers with elaborate scams. How do they operate […]


Uferhallen under threat: Can this artists’ space survive?

Rising real estate prices threaten both Wedding’s famed artistic studios and the sense of community in which […]


The politics of the rent cap

Joel Dullroy tells the story of the Mietendeckel, a random proposal that stumbled to success – almost […]


OUT NOW! Our MARCH issue!

Who really owns the city? Are our clubs dying? What will happen to Clärchens Ballhaus? We spoke […]


John Riceburg: Housing crisis or zombie apocalypse?

Desperate people are banging on the door, begging to be let in. That's right: John is trying […]


Ask Hans-Torsten: The AirBnB ban and clean greens

Hans-Torsten Richter answers your questions about surviving and thriving in Berlin. Write to [email protected]


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