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What to read this month: July 2022

Expressionist prose works, a feminist tale of 16th century isolation and an apocalyptic garden gnome make our […]

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Depraved new worlds: What to expect from March on the Berlin stage

It’s time to prepare for the worst as Berlin stages explore our messed-up realms this March.


Coping with the apocalypse: Violetter Schnee

The end of the world in a fantastic frozen wasteland is the premise of Austrian composer Beat […]


Surviving the end – Encounters with preppers

Who are those people preparing for the worst? Far-right conspirationists? Crackpots? Or just pragmatic realists? Ben Knight […]


Cooling the Cold War

When the world stood on the brink of nuclear war, Stasi agent Rainer Rupp was the man […]


Konrad Werner: Hot fiery death from the sky

Just because Mayan Armageddon isn't going to happen today, doesn't mean you shouldn't be paranoid. In fact, […]


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