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Robert Irwin lights up the Kraftwerk

Light and Space: the monumental installation fits perfectly in the Kraftwerk's colossal halls


Impressionism in Russia: Dawn of the Avant Garde

Museum Barberini shows how Russian artists experimented with new ways of seeing


Fluentum: From Nazi base to art space

A former Nazi military building with cinematic credentials has become a contemporary art space


What happened to Hitler’s favourite artists?

They could have been tried for war crimes, but instead they enjoyed long careers as painters and […]


“C/O Berlin Open House – hosted by Airbnb”: Airbnb and C/O Berlin set an example for Berlin’s cultural scene

On 2 December, the rooms in Amerika Haus will open with free admission for all Berliners and […]


Five cool things to do this weekend in Berlin

What better way to brighten up your November than a weekend full of comedy, art, food and […]


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