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Seymour Gris: No cross on the Schloss, please – a banana will do!

The Humboldt Forum wants to plant a golden cross on top of its political wipe-out of East […]


Are the Nazis back? Falk Richter

INTERVIEW! Writer and director Falk Richter takes a retrospective look at "Fear", the 2015 play the AfD […]


Konrad Werner: R2G – first we take Berlin

The newly rubber-stamped red-red-green coalition won't make the sick, empty feeling go away. But what else have […]


Konrad Werner: Mr. “Sustainability” Müller blocks the cyclists

Politics did it again: Mayor Michael Müller stalled the cycling petition – and then hosted an urban […]


Konrad Werner: Berlin is screwing its renters

Berlin is supposed to be one of the best cities for protecting tenants' rights. But all the […]


John Riceburg: Die Linke isn’t left-wing enough

John is an unrepentant lefty – so why does he hate the Left Party so much?


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