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John Riceburg: The end of men?

Women are taking over the world. Are there still any reasons to go out onto the streets […]


Amok Mama: Slutwalk

Jacinta Nandi spent Saturday at Slutwalk. And she's decided that even if all women are sluts, most […]


Amok Mama: The worst feminist in the world

Jacinta Nandi is a feminist. A terrible one, though. Here's a scientific list of the reasons why.


The women who raised the rubble

What we owe to Berlin’s Trümmerfrauen is easily forgotten, yet we stride through it everyday. In the […]


When men lose control

Every half hour, a woman in Berlin is physically assaulted – not by a stranger but by […]


Lonely at the top

You might think Germany is a politically correct kind of place where women wear the pants – […]


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