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Rolling back on cycling infrastructure: Berlin’s war on bikes begins

Motorists are steering politics in Berlin. Cyclists fear they’ll be driven off the roads. Is the new […]


Critical Mass: Berlin’s big, noisy bike takeover 

The streets of Berlin have a long way to go when it comes to bicycle infrastructure. Critical […]

Friday 7, July

Senate announces plans for Berlin bike paths

After being met with plenty of controversy, the Berlin senate has finally clarified its plans for the […]

Monday 3, July

8,000 cyclists demonstrate against Berlin bike path freeze

Berlin cyclists are angry about the new government's controversial plans to stop construction on all new bike […]


Red Flag: Berlin’s dumbest right-wing fake scandal

Have you heard that climate activists have been killing people? Well, it's not true. This made-up story […]

Real Berlin

Live like a local: Our guide to the real Berlin

Drinks on the canal, a no-directions-needed bike ride, the Soviet War Memorial... this is our guide to […]


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