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TechScale Berlin: Startups vs Google

More than a dozen travel startups are united in a battle with Google over allegations of anti-competitive […]


Berlin art diaries: Are collectors moving out?

The Flick collection and Julia Stoschek are moving, Me Collectors Room has closed down. Painter Anna Nezhnaya […]


TechScale Berlin: Time to bring data protection home?

US President Trump may have upset teenagers by deciding to ban TikTok, but our columnist thinks he […]


Berlin art diaries: The idea thief

Good artists copy, great artists steal,” Picasso supposedly once said. But what happens when someone steals from […]


The Berlin media startups set to bloom

We’re spending more time online than ever, which means business is booming across esports, music platforms and […]


Berlin art diaries: Don’t drink at work

Everyone knows not to drink too much at work events. Fabia Mendoza tells us how she found […]


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