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On the shore: Why Kafka makes the perfect holiday read

For this “feral girl summer”, Alexander Wells suggests a beach read from off the beaten path.


WTF Berlin! Jacinta Nandi’s A to Z guide for expats

Jacinta Nandi on her new book WTF Berlin: Expatsplaining the German Capital.


Miss Read 2022: Berlin’s Art Book Fair returns to HKW

With a spotlight on publishing from the African continent and diaspora, Berlin's art book fair is back […]


Aleksandr Nezhny: “Why did our dwarf start this war?”

Moscow author Aleksandr Nezhny shares his disgust at the sad, sinful war against Ukraine


“Your focus was stolen”: Johann Hari on why you can’t pay attention

Journalist Johann Hari takes on surveillance capitalism and a digital detox in his quest for focus.


Curious Fox: A new den in Kreuzberg

Our books editor Alexander Wells visits a much-loved bookshop in its new Kiez.


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