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Much ado about nothing? Chris Dercon

HARD TALK! Last Sunday, the Volksbühne officially rebooted under the artistic direction of Chris Dercon of Tate […]


Soft white bliss

Remember old-school soft serve ice cream? We went on a mission to rediscover three mass-market favourites that […]


Loving broken England: Sally Potter

INTERVIEW! British director Sally Potter on the benefits of brevity and why her latest film, The Party, […]


No giving up, no lies: Hiwa K

INTERVIEW! Berlin-based Kurdish Iraqi conceptual Hiwa K confronts capitalism and Kurdish existentialism in "Don’t Shrink Me to […]


Gay liberation in the Mauerstadt: Jochen Hick

INTERVIEW! Jochen Hick discusses his latest film foray into queer history: cataloguing gay life and activism in […]


Wladek Flakin: See you at G20!

Wladek is off to the barricades in Hamburg to protest against Donald Trump and friends.


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