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The legend of Tim Raue

The Berlin chef's eponymous restaurant just placed among the world's top 100, but Raue is as famous […]


Bad blood

Fake guts, Frosties, Prozac and in-your-face consumerism turn the famous Marquis de Sade novel (and Pasolini film), […]


Evgeny Morozov on digital addiction

One of the most exciting writers and critics of the digital age talks about whether our constant […]


Seymour Gris: May Day is a joke

MAY DAY CON! May Day, "revolutionary"? What a joke! A lot of posturing, little content. The World […]


F.I.N.D.ing the story of the 20th century

INTERVIEW. The Festival for International New Drama is back Apr 17-26! Inspired by European jihadists, Swiss director […]


Climate and capitalism: Naomi Klein

Naomi Klein was at HKW Sunday night for a sold out lecture. Couldn’t get a ticket? Here’s […]


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