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Starman: David Bowie’s greatest film roles

As an actor, Bowie was as charismatic on screen as he was on stage. From goblin king […]


Tadzio Müller: “I’m afraid of a Corona society.”

We spoke to the climate activist about sexual politics post-lockdown, the physicality of resistance and why the […]


The New Gospel: “It was about real revolt.”

We speak to director Milo Rau about his new “utopian documentary” highlighting the plight of Southern Italy’s […]


Hitler’s little-known American Dream

We speak to Cambridge historian Brendan Simms on his controversial biography that explores how the dictator’s fraught […]


Art under lockdown: The best exhibitions you can see in November

Bars, cinemas and museums are closed, but plenty of Berlin’s commercial galleries are still open. Our art […]


Red Flag: Why do so many people vote for Trump? A view from Berlin

Four years ago, Nathaniel Flakin stayed up all night watching the election results. This time, he just […]


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