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Megan’s Megacan: Proud to be German?

Left-wing radical violence goes on trial while the CDU has a new plan to encourage German patriotism. […]

Wednesday 26, April

“Black, but shiny” A new motto for Berlin?

As we prepare for a new conservative-led government, Klaus Wowereit (who coined "poor but sexy") has a […]

Monday 24, April

Berlin SPD votes for a “black-red” coalition with the CDU

With 54.3 percent of the votes cast choosing yes, Berlin is set to have its first CDU […]


The CDU are coming back? Time to say goodbye…

After 16 long years of writing a politics column for Exberliner, Konrad Werner reflects on what has […]

Tuesday 4, April

CDU and SPD set out plans for Berlin’s next government

Under the motto "The Best for Berlin", the CDU and SPD set out their plans. But it […]


Megan’s Megacan: Iffy for Giffey

Konrad and Megan are here to unpack the new CDU-SPD coalition and the latest trade protocol for […]


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