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Laterne! Where to celebrate St Martin’s Day in Berlin in 2022

Despite the increasing dominance of Halloween, St Martin's Day or Laterne is one of the more unique […]

October events

What to do this October: Berlin’s best events

There are plenty of incredible events going on this October in Berlin, but which are the best? […]


Unraveling childhood: Louise Bourgeois at Gropius Bau

It's tempting to view these textile works from Louise Bourgeois through the lens of her troubled childhood, […]


Tips from a terrible baker

WTF BERLIN! Jacinta Nandi wishes she was a good baker, the kind that would make weird vegan […]


Playground etiquette: Advice for newbies

RANT! Nobody loves Berlin playgrounds as much as me! But there's rules! The up-side? Accept playground etiquette […]


Making babies without blokes: How Berlin women are doing it

Sure, having a kid still takes an egg and some sperm, but while scientists work on overturning […]


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