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“We can’t forget how privileged we are.”

Considering the cirumstances, open-air cinemas have it (pretty) good. Freiluftkino Kreuzberg’s organiser and programmer Arne Höhne talks […]


Cinemas are in crisis, but who gets the cash?

There’s a new €1.5 million EU fund for the innovation and development of cinema. Germany’s questionable candidate […]


OUT NOW! Our XL Special Edition!

We're back on the magazine rack! Time to explore life beyond Corona with 25 in-depth conversations and […]


Cinemas in crisis: “When we open again, we’ll have only 10 seats.”

Cinemas have reopened, but they still face major challenges. We spoke with two of the Berlin scene’s […]


This week at the kino: And we’re back!

FILM! Berlin’s cinemas are back and so is our weekly column highlighting the reviews, tips and events […]


Back to the kino: Light, camera… crisis

HOME KINO! Cinemas will reopen on July 2, and while this should be a time for celebration, the […]


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