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Berlin in fog: 12 images of a ghostly city

Berlin is a beautiful city, in its own way. On foggy days it takes on a different […]

Berlin sights

Going underground: Berlin’s prettiest U-Bahn stations

Berlin has a lot of memorable landmarks worth visiting. But some of the more everyday city sights, […]

Music & clubs

Keeping the jazz alive

Berliner Festspiele's Jazzfest is kicking off Tue, Oct 31, but for those who don't know, Charlottenburg used […]


Save Berlin: The silent scream

Berlin is finally trying to solve its housing crisis... with ugly new buildings awkwardly crammed into hallowed […]


Maggie Spooner: Why is Marilyn not in Mitte?

And why does Ms. Monroe look better in Charlottenburg? Maggie has a theory.


Maggie Spooner: Trivia to go

Berlin as a popular tourism destination has produced some puzzling adverts, that's for sure. Maggie is baffled […]


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