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Maggie Spooner: Any piece but Maggie’s peace

Maggie wasn't there on that fateful day in 1989 or the days that followed. But 25 years […]


Maggie Spooner: Spinach in your teeth

Some people think the city is visually "crying out for skyscrapers". Maggie can already imagine what it […]


Maggie Spooner: Biting the apple

The streets of City West seemingly have a homeless problem. Oh, wait. Looking a little closer, this […]


Maggie Spooner: Sex and City West

What's happening to the sex industry in Charlottenburg? Maggie Spooner investigates.


Maggie Spooner: Help! Save us from Harald

Kurfürstendamm is going through its own speculation and investing problems. These wolves have set their sights on […]


Maggie Spooner: The whole in the wall (gang) thing

While City West lacks the infamy of its Wild counterpart, Maggie recently found a small getaway with […]


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