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Rolling back on cycling infrastructure: Berlin’s war on bikes begins

Motorists are steering politics in Berlin. Cyclists fear they’ll be driven off the roads. Is the new […]

Monday 25, September

Police crack down on Letzte Generation’s Marathon protests

Due to a heavy police presence, Letzte Generation activists made minimal disruptions to the Berlin Marathon on […]

Monday 18, September

Climate activists spray paint Brandenburger Tor

Members of the Last Generation activist group have grabbed world wide attention after dousing Berlin's Brandenburger Tor […]

Thursday 14, September

Last Generation begins a new wave of protests in Berlin 

This week sees the start of a new phase of protests across Berlin by the climate action […]

Thursday 24, August

Could a Paris ban mean more e-scooters for Berlin?

From September 1, e-scooters will be banned from the streets and squares of Paris. Could many of […]

Friday, 30 June

Rising temperatures bring “sex-cannibal” insects to Berlin

The impacts of climate change are resulting in the arrival of a variety of new insect life […]


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