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Thanksgiving in Berlin: Where to go and what to do

Are you celebrating Thanksgiving this year? We've rounded up the best places in Berlin to indulge in […]

Tuesday 1, August

Groundwater at risk: Tesla’s Gigafactory expansion raises environmental worries

While the regional water association is concerned about Tesla's expansion, the company insists their presence will actually […]

Music & clubs

Ick Mach Welle: Opening up electronic music for disabled artists

In 2018, Nico Deuster started a mentorship program for disabled people. Before long, this became "Ick Mach […]


Towards a shared utopia: WG alternatives

From progressive forms of flat-sharing to the shiny new start-up culture of co-housing, we checked out alternatives […]


Change from the bottom up: Experimentday’s Michael LaFond

INTERVIEW! How can we save Berlin from greedy private investors and avoid speculation on the housing market? […]


Maggie Spooner: Walking the walk, talking the talk

Placards, banners and signs can be the most in-your-face show of solidarity with Berlin's many refugees. But […]


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