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Red Flag: Germany lets far-right terrorism flourish

The trial of an extremist who posed as a Syrian refugee is underway, but why haven’t any […]


Red Flag: QAnon has reached Berlin, but how?

The conspiracy theory that says Trump is a hero saving children from Satan-worshipping pedophiles has troubling roots […]


Corona: Top 5 viral conspiracy theories

A Chinese lab-engineered virus gone loose as predicted in a best-selling 1981 novel, a crisis orchestrated by […]


Surviving the end – Encounters with preppers

Who are those people preparing for the worst? Far-right conspirationists? Crackpots? Or just pragmatic realists? Ben Knight […]


Konrad Werner: Oh great, more mad idiots with guns

Last week, some German people decided that the world wasn't mad enough yet and decided to kill […]


Knowing something about nothing

The Disruption Network Lab is back! From Friday, Sep 30 through Oct 1 you're invited to a […]


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