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Berlin art: What exhibitions are on now?

What's going on in the art world and which Berlin exhibitions should you check out this week?

Octopus dreams

Other minds: Understanding how non-humans think

The multi-venue octopus-inspired exhibition explores the limits of human consciousness through performance and film.

kinderhook and caracas

Kinderhook and Caracas: Omnibus

Looking back across 10 years, this rich collection shows what artist-run project spaces are capable of.


A class of his own: The visual legacy of Michel Majerus

Before his death in a plane crash in 2002, Michel Majerus was one of the most thrilling […]


Three hot exhibitions to catch before they close

Don't miss out on seeing these hyped art shows while you can


Gabriele Knapstein on saving the Rieckhallen

The Hamburger Bahnhof director on saving art spaces and her last exhibition as the Berlin institution’s boss.


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